Mentoring for coaches/therapists

Over the last couple of years I have worked with many coaches, healers and therapists (to-be), both individually as a mentor/supervisor and in groups as a teacher. It is a great joy to inspire other professional guides to deepen their unique qualities and use those with confidence in client settings.

In the mentoring program I will tune in to your specific qualities and help you value and integrate them in order to become more creative and centered in your profession.

Each session requires you to bring in real client situations, which we will explore together. Your clients are your greatest teachers and serve as a mirror for both your healing qualities as well as your unresolved issues. Together we will lighten the path towards your next steps as a healing professional.

3 Months mentoring program

  • Introductory meeting (30 min)
  • 3 private mentoring sessions (1 hr)
  • Worksheets to fill in after working with your clients.
  • Evaluative meeting (30 min)

The dates for all sessions will be planned ahead after the introductory meeting and cannot be moved.


The total costs for the 3 month mentoring program are E590,-

After having done a mentoring program you can always book a singular private mentoring session at request. The costs for those sessions are E150,-.

Interested in going deeper? I have designed the Intuitive Competences Course specifically for coaches, therapists or healers that want to take a plunge and deepen their skills on an intuitive level. The course and mentoring program together form a strong learning container to evolve in your profession. If you are interested in doing both, I would advise you to take the course first, since it deals with some of the core principles of the guide-client relationship.